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        1. Welcome toLiaoning Hefa Chemical Co., Ltd.! Home Collection Contact Us

          Hefa Chemical


          Contact Us

          Liaoning Hefa Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Add: Fuxingdi Fluorine Chemical Zone, Yimatu Town, Fumeng County, Fuxin, Liaoning, China
          Contact: Wu Aoran
          Mobile: +86-18601717512
          Tel: +86-418-8188885

          About Us

          Liaoning Hefa Chemical Co., Ltd. is original Shanghai Hefa Industrial Limited Company. It was moved into Fuxingdi Fluorine Chemical Zone of Fuxin in Liaoning Province due to scale expansion. It is a chemical enterprise engaged in manufacturing of methacrylic acid and ammonium sulfate. We adopt domestic latest technique and formula. Product quality reaches domestic leading level and international standard. Space cover is 45mu. Annual production is about 20000 tons of methacrylic acid and 45000 tons of ammonium sulfate.

          Liaoning Hefa Chemical Co., Ltd. insists on principle of “customer first, integrity first”. We have built long-term cooperation with many large chemical enterprises in China. And we warmly welcome wide colleagues to visit us and negotiate on possible cooperation.


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